What is a college access network?

College access networks are the name of groups of organized groups and individuals that work towards creating a different in their area’s post-secondary success. While ‘access’ is a crucial part to a CAN, the hidden ‘success’ is just as crucial. These two terms are considered broad; however, this obtuseness is useful as being flexible to accommodating new issues annually. For example, it has become a recent hot topic to focus on social and emotional well-being for students – a topic we are handling within MCAN through our conference.

Check out NCAN (National CAN) to learn more!

How does MCAN impact Montana’s students?

Though MCAN only has it’s name on the annual conference and the upcoming documentary film, MCAN has played an important role in many initiatives and collaborations in the state. College Application Week started in MCAN, and later taken on by GEAR UP. Many of the state’s professionals now are working together instead of trying to create, manage and execute programs and initiatives in isolation.

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What is Goal 2025, and why is it important?

Started by Lumina Foundation, Goal 2025 recognizes that the economy is changing and that there is an increasing amount of new and traditional jobs that require advanced training. Lumina, and MCAN, seek to keep future generations able to be contributing citizens. In particular, Goal 2025 seeks to assist potential students that are not traditionally represented in college or higher education institutes; these include low-income, first-generation, Native Americans (particularly within Montana), and non-traditional students. In Montana, this focus is imperative as manufacturing businesses are being phased out for technological and service industry careers. As Montana is highly rural and a high percentage of Montanans live below poverty level, the emphasis on access in post-secondary education also serves as a tool to overcome poverty for individuals.

Who supports MCAN?

Please see our list of current affiliates.

How can I get involved?

Email mtcollegeaccess@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering, presenting, or helping with projects. If you are a part of a larger organization, please consider joining us as a member in our Leadership Council and start shaping the future of Montana higher education.